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I have been hunting treasures since I can remember as a small child. Raised on large ranches I had access to a lot of areas, which were mined for gold and other minerals. I was able to hunt for artifacts from various bands of native tribes and much still sits in museums in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Also spent years hunting with Harley Garbani, one of the premier Paleontology field men. Harley was an avid artifact hunter as well as dinosaur bones. This gave me quite an understanding of the geology layers and what to look for in surface applications. In later years I developed a taste for metal detecting and found the adventure in hunting cans, bottles, rings and whatever else I could dig up on beaches and in the deserts of the Southwest.

In 2001, a chance meeting with Larry Sloan, brought a whole new meaning into my realm of treasure hunting. METEORITES. This would start me in another new hobby. The exciting world of space rock hunting! Thanks to Larry I have been able to personally find over 175 meteorites in the Franconia & Gold Basin strewn fields with several different types or field classifications.

Todd Parker Adds To The Pile
I thought the 2 specimens below might have been a fluke.
Todd has really got his act together in his new area.
Congrats to Todd. WOW!!

Todd Parker
Recent Gold Finds
Todd found these 2 nice gold nuggets on the 10th of May.
One is 6.5 grams the other is 10.3 grams.
Two beautiful specimens!
Jan 2014
A couple of mule shoes, an ox shoe & what appears to be
a very large key with twisted handle.  A 1943 nickel & a
1944 wheat penny.  A copper button & other goodies.

Todd Parker Scores Again
On Friday, November 15,2013 Todd scored a 903 gram
specimen from the new strewnfield.  Wow is he on a roll!
This specimen stuck out like a sore thumb & could be seen
from many yards away.  
Congrats again Todd

Todd Parker's New Main ET Mass
Todd welcomes a new main mass with a beautiful 944 gram specimen found on November 12,2013.  The previous main mass was 344 grams found in his new strewnfield.  There has now been over 10 specimens found. Good call Rimshot on Nugget Shooter forums.
It looks like ET poking his head out of the ground.
Congrats to Todd on a great find!!!
Oxen Shoe & ? Meteorites
While hunting for meteorites I found an unusual oxen shoe
& while detectmg a very large area I found the metal
objects.  Guess one of these days I will find out if they
are meteorites.
Levi & other Buttons & Rivets
Guess I've started another collection.  What is unique
about these is the fact that the clothing has rotted away
& only the buttons remain.
September 2013 Park Finds
Small gold tag, 2 earring studs, a wood bead
& some type of a team pin.

August 2013 Park & Area Finds
A few more goodies.  The most interesting might be the
3 Merry Widows condom lid from the 20's & 30's.
A wheat penny, 2 rings & a St. Christopher medal.

May 2013 Park Finds
The Omega 8000 scores again.
2 nice 14k gold rings.  One has diamonds & rubies.
One silver ring, a flower earring & some other goodies.
April 2013 Park Finds
Some jewelry pieces and an arrowhead.
Bottom right is a handmade wire broach.
Buckles & Goodies
There must have been a lot of  clothes falling off
and animals with loose harness back in the good ole days.
More Oxen Shoes
The old camp must have had a herd of oxen.
Guess I'll start a new collection.
Old Camp Finds March 2013
Mario Ortiz & I hunted a trail into an old camp today.
Mario cleaned my plow with a very nice old silver ring & a
1920 Wheat Penny.  I found an ox shoe & several ore cart
track spikes.  Great day was had by both of us.
More pics
Todd Parker New Find
On Dec 18, 2012 Todd found this 160 gram specimen
in his new strewnfield.  This is the 10th find in the
new field.  Not all of the finds in this field will pair.
Congratulations to Todd!
Park Finds 10/15/12
One nice silver ring with a stone in it.  One large flower
ring with a bunch of stones in it & a few other goodies.
$1.65 in coins.  Not sure I paid for my gas.

Check Papa Mario with his 1929
Nash Hood Ornament
Mario brought his 1929 Nash hood ornament for me to see.
What a beautiful piece it is!  
He found this with his Minelab Explorer II.
One more great relic for his collection.  It's in great shape.
What a great find.  Congrats Mario.

Park Finds 10/1/12 & 10/5/12
The Omega 8000 whipped out a few pieces of jewelry,
2 foreign  coins & a wheat penny.  Also found a bird point.

I found someone's stash of pennies & other coins buried
in the park & thought it was Easter.
Never found so many coins in 1 cache!

Park Finds 8/27/12
Mario Ortiz & I hunted the park today.  Mario came up
the winner with a very nice, large men's ring, a few coins.
Mario's to the right, mine on the left.
What a great hunting partner!
Had a blast!
Gold Gold Gold
Some gold found while sluicing the Prescott area.

Park Finds 8/5/12
The monsooms have made it much easier to find these
little trinkets.
Park Finds 6/21/12
Just when you think you have found everything,
the Omega 8000 machine kicks into high gear.
Todd Parker's Cold Find #8 Feb. 20, 2012
Congratulations to Todd Parker on his eighth cold find.
56.90 grams.  This specimen does not pair with Todd's
last after cutting.  It would appear this would be a light
L chondrite.

See more pics of the expedition

Todd Parker's 7th new cold find
Todd found this 3.3gram  specimen on January 23, 2012
in an undisclosed location.  Takes eagle eyes to find these
little beauties.  Congrats to Todd!
See another pic
November 2011
A ring that looks like the crown jewels & another ring that is
snakes with head & tails holding a crystal sphere.
2 other items.
October 2011 Park Finds
Lot of little trinkets today including a very heavy silver bracelet.
New Whetstone Specimen
Todd Parker found this 11.52 gram Whetstone meteorite
on April 13, 2011.  This is the 24th specimen found since
the witnessed  fall in 2009.
Congrats to Todd!

Congratulations again to Todd Parker on his 2nd cold find
classification an H5 chondrite found in 2008.

Todd Parker's new 6th Cold Find
This 42.83 gram specimen was found on 2/25/11
Congrats to Todd.

Boulder Mine
Congratulations to Todd Parker on his 2nd cold find classification.
1560 gram L chondrite found 11-4-08.   This is the 3rd of 5 found
in the last 2 years.  Todd's first new classification was Thunb Butte.
See more pics

I found this iron object in the Prescott area with my
Omega 8000.  I didn't think much of it at the time
but now believe it certainly came from the sky.
The unique aspect is that since finding it, it has
begun to rust.  This specimen had to have been fresh
when I found it & just may be an iron meteorite.
Would appreciate your comments as I have never seen
a fresh iron find.  
Todd Parker scores again
Todd Parker found this nice little button meteorite
in 2009 & it has just been recognized as his fifth
cold find.  Congrats Todd!!!
Fulgurite & Petrified Wood
My wife found a twisted piece of fulgurite & a
really nice piece of petrified wood while hunting
in the Prescott area.
Anytime you find a ring, it's a great day.
The Omega 8000 picked this up 6" deep in a park
in Prescott.  The ring has 25 stones & it sure would be
a bonus if they were diamonds!  Also a silver stud
earring  & a US Army pin.
Another ring pic

Some small finds 10/04/10

The Omega 8000 is sure good at finding these small studs
and someones favorite jewel.
Coins & Trash
I have been asked lately as to how much trash I dig
while hunting.  Here is a days finds from a City Park.
It may not be as easy as I make it look.  I hunt in the
all metal mode as to not miss the small gold items.
You take the good with the bad!!!
Remember your cleaning the Park in the process.
More City Park Finds
2 rings, 1 earring with stones in it, a foriegn coin
 & something I have never seen before, a coin with PE on
both sides.  Maybe someone can give me a clue.
City Park Finds
Nice gold ring, a bent silver ring & some
pieces of earrings.
Latest Jewelry Finds
The Omega 8000 scores again.
Nice little gold chain, gold pendant, couple earrings
& other goodies.

My Cold Find
This meteorite has now been sliced & appears to be
a single fall.
To view pictures check this link.
Latest Finds
Found more pieces of jewelry & a unique charm depicting
a miner with gold pan.  Nice little pewter piece possibly
from the old Prescott mining days.

Local Prescott, AZ Lake Finds
A trip to the local lake proved difficult for my friend.
However, I scored a few finds with Omega 8000.

Livingston /Wisconsin Fall
Todd Parker hunted the Wisconsin fall and found a beautiful
108 gram stone.  See all the pics.
Congratulations to Todd!

Whetstone Mountain Specimen

I received my Whetstone Mountain slice from Todd Parker.
What a beauty!!!

A few more park items

Found a few more goodies while testing my headphones
after a little repair job.

One more ring for the collection

I believe the symbols inside & outside this ring are religious.
Found this ring 4/1/10 with the trusty Omega 8000.
Lorton, VA Meteorite Hammer Stone
I never thought much about hammer stone meteorite material
until I actually had it in my hand.  It's amazing how a meteorite
can go through the roofing & leave holes like that at 200mph.
Check out this link
New Bullhead City Find
Announcing a new member of the Meteorite community.
Megan DeNyne Parker
2.72155 kg  Born March 22, 2010
Congratulation Todd & Julie!!!
Nice warm find!!!
Franconia New Finds
Feb 12 & 13, 2010
Found  these 4 specimens while hunting Franconia with
Jim Smerglia, Todd Parker & Tim Glidewell.  A great time
was had!  4 hunters & everyone scored!!!

Thumb Butte
Congratulations Todd Parker on his new classification Thumb Butte.
One nicely oriented 104 gram specimen H3.8 chondrite.  Todd
found this specimen while hunting in the Bullhead/Laughlin
area in March 2008.  This is the first of Todd's 4 new cold finds
to be classified.

Aircraft/Nasa Parts
While hunting a very remote desert area I stumbled on
numerous small parts which eventually led to a crash site.
Scattered over a large area are hundreds if not thousands
of parts to an aircraft.  Jim Smerglia & I now believe the parts
may be from an F-16 fighter which crashed in the area.  The
Air Force kept it a secret site, as an exact location is not
mentioned as being in this area.

Gold Wedding Band
Another ring found with the trusty Omega 8000.
A Few Jewelry Pieces
Here are a few more jewelry pieces found here
in the Prescott parks.  Interesting fact about the Teknetics
Omega 8000, in the all metal mode, you are able to pump
the detector over the target & pin point the item.
Just one more thing you can do with the 8000.
Todd Parker's Newest Whetstone
On Saturday Dec. 12, 2009 Todd scored with another 204 gram
specimen.  Check out more pictures.
Scroll down this page to see Todd's 219 gram from same area.
Prescott area Iron
My friend Jim Smerglia found this excellent looking
possible iron a while back.  This specimen
weighs in at 8+ grams.  Jim's on a mission
& hunts about every other day.  He might find a new
field any day now!

Prescott August 24, 2009
In my continuing effort to find meteorites, I may have discovered a small iron.  This little target really screamed.  I figured it was a bullet.  To my surprise this little piece really smacked my handy-dandy magnet stick.  This small piece has great character with some
bluish crust.
August 24, 2009
I've now been working this large park in Prescott for about 4 months.
The targets have overlapped with coins, pop tops & etc.
Now that the targets have become individuals it's fun to watch
the jewelry come out of the ground.
The Omega 8000 continues to lock on the valuables.

August 3, 2009
As I continue to test the Teknetics Omega 8000 I find that
this detector is very good at finding small objects at
remarkable depths.  This is the second small earing stud
at 2"  below 3" turf.  The ring was found at 3" and locked on
screw cap and would not budge.  1 big stone & 6 smaller
ones.  Will have a jeweler check this one.
The 8000 is one sweet detector!
It appears there are numerous ways to confirm a target with
this machine.  After several months of testing over the junk

in city parks, the unit seems to have a mind of it's own &
lights up on the precious items.

June 23, 2009 New Meteorite Fall
It's been 97 years  since a witnessed meteor fall has been found in the state of Arizona. Congratulations to Todd Parker on his
219 gram find in the new meteorite field!
Todd was invited to join the recovery team and his experience
 paid off.  What a find.  Beautiful specimen.
Hard hunting in the 100+ degree temperatures here in Arizona.
More Finds
Here are a few more finds with Teknetics Omega 8000.
This detector is working extremely well.
Tokens, rings, more bracelets, 45 blank round, 38 blank round,
earings & an Arizona Tax coin.

Here's a dandy find
While testing the new Teknetics Omega 8000 detector for First Texas Products  I found this nice 14k bracelet.  I am very impressed
with the Omega 8000 as I found a bunch of coins as well.
All tests indicate that the 8000 detector is highly productive.
Thanks David Johnson for opportunity to test the Omega 8000.

Possible new Iron find
While hunting around 7000 feet in the Prescott Forest I found
these 2 iron objects.  Hope these turn out to be a possible
new find.
Prescott Chinese Coin
While hunting a City Park I found this Qing Dynasty coin.
It would appear from research to be between 1600  - 1800 vintage.
Franconia 5 day trip
Jim Smerglia & I made a 5 day trip to Franconia where
we met up with Larry Sloan, Todd Parker, Tim Glidewell &
evening guests Denny Asher & his wife Patti.
We had one fantastic time & were treated to great comet viewing
thanks to Jim and his astro binoculers.
See more pics of the Franconia trip.

Civil War era Button
Found this button in Chloride on Dec 5, 2008.
I have looked through the internet & cannot find
anything that resembles this one.
It appears to be a Federal Button.
If anyone has an idea, please contact me.
More Breaking News
Another New Find
4th in a row on new terrain.
1,062 grams
Check out the pics
Breaking News
New Find
Todd Parker does it again!!!
3rd in a row on new terrain.
Todd is a master of finding new specimens.
Check out the pics
1,475 grams visible.
Gold Basin 10/12/08
Clay & Junior with their first Gold Basin Meteorites.
Check out the info & hunt pictures. 
Chloride Area 10/9/08
Hunted some wagon trails today & found this nice
little button.  Does anyone know anything
about this?  
Gold Basin 9/27/08
Chad Lynde scores his first meteorite while
hunting with me & Todd Parker.
A very nice 14 grams.  
See pictures of the hunt.
Chloride Area 8/08
I found this magnet a mile + from any wagon trail or road.
We are not the only ones carrying around magnets.
This was found 6" deep & very heavy.
This may be 100 + years old.
Chloride Area 8/08
It's just amazing what you can find on any given
day.  This appears to be a bracelet & everyone I've shown
it to thinks the same.   Found in the middle of nowhere.


It's that time of the year.
Time to start funding upcoming fall hunts.
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Chloride Area 6/22/08
I said this before & I'll say it again.
You never know what you will come across in the desert.
Came across an old wagon trail on my meteorite mission.
One of items found was this very old & crude ring.
A friend of mine looped it & suggested it might be a map.
Could this be the next National Treasure map???
Check out the pic
I love my White's V/Sat

Thank you Jimmy Sierra for the excellent support!

Chloride Area 6/7/08
Today was a clothing,  harmonica & other items day.
Thank goodness I can still change up while looking for the
Chloride Area 5/29/08
The geology will never cease to amaze me.
Heavy stone, very magnetic on the iron portions.
The host rock is non-descript & I think you can see the shine
of the window in this specimen.  Does anyone have a clue???
Chloride Area 5/29/08
Guess I have started a collection of shot shells.
A little research has put a few of these in the 1860's.
I guess maybe a new hobby starts here.
More Finds in the Chloride Area 5/29/08
It's amazing what can be found while hunting for the illusive Meteorite.
Never a dull moment!
Latest finds from Chloride 5/22/08
Treasure is where you find it.  First hat pin, nice spoon, some
great buttons & a smashed ring all make the day.
 The 1860 Federal button was the bonus today!
  Does not get any better in the old West.
Will Wonders Never Cease???
What are the odds of a meteorite hunter finding a meteorite within feet
of their home?  Check out the pictures and the whole story.
Chloride, AZ More New Finds
Another day - more treasures!
In lieu of meteorites, it's always nice to have a place to stop on the
way home.  There has to be a meteorite around here someplace.
My Discovery 3300 machine at work.
Misc good junk - lipstick case, horseshoe nail ring, bracelet & more.
Chloride, AZ New Treasure Finds
It's nice to be mobile.  Just moved to Chloride & the first day hunting,
Tuesday May, 6, I came up with these nice little finds.
A 1920 Mercury dime & a garder hook.
I sure love my Bounty Hunter!
Will keep you posted on other finds.
Check This Out
Mirko Graul's picture of a 3 gram Sacramento Wash etched specimen.
Beautiful!  Does anyone else have an etched 005?  If so Contact Me .
Visit the Album Page for more views.
Check out Mirko's website for etched irons.
Gold Basin Meteorites 1
Gold Basin Meteorites 1
Gold Basin Meteorites 2
Gold Basin Meteorites 2
14gram Franconia Iron Meteorite!
14gram Franconia Iron Meteorite!
555gram Gold Basin Meteorite
555gram Gold Basin Meteorite

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Franconia Meteorites
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